Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does COVID-19 impact orders and shipping?

A: I’m processing and shipping all orders! Whether it’s a parcel or a letter, within 1 working day your order will be processed. Due to COVID, the shipping service I use (PostNL) has temporarily raised certain shipping rates for international parcels, so shipping insured/shipping to specific countries might be more expensive than you were used to. Due to COVID-19 the return policy is extended to 30 days (instead of the usual 14).

Q: How does the local pick-up option work?

A: You can pick up or return orders in person, at the studio in Groningen. In that case, select local pick-up and I will contact you for an appointment, and wait outside with your order 🙂 If you live in Groningen, I also double as a bike courier and can deliver your order at a time and place that works for you! Again, select local pick-up I Will contact you for an appointment.

Q: what are handpulled prints?

A: I use screenprinting, a technique where I print every (color)layer seperately. Handpulled literally means pulled (printed) by hand, instead of automated machines. 

Q: What makes a monoprint/artprint/poster more or less expensive?

A: 1) the quality of materials and 2) the number of print layers. Art prints are usually printed on more expensive 300 (or more) grams paper, while the paper for monoprints varies much more.  As every layer is printed seperately, a poster of 10 layers takes more time and effort than a poster of 2 layers. 

I also check for marks or folds. While these prints are handmade, noticable marks usually means a discount. See the discounted section for that! 

Q: Do you take commissions? Do you collaborate? Can I print at your studio?

A: Yes! e-mail to get more information about that.

Q: I wanted -a specific print- but it’s sold out. Can I still get it?

A: Sold out means sold out… most of the time. Limited edition means that once they’re gone, I’m not printing anymore. On rare occasions I still have one or two copies stored away. You can always e-mail and check, but I’d advise you to buy something when it’s up, because you never know when it’s gone.

Q: Do you ship to -country name here- ?

A: I do ship to most countries! Shipping method is determined by weight, and with parcels you can choose for track&trace or insured shipping to most countries. The shipping service I use is PostNL, and current shipping costs are divided in three zones: The Netherlands, Europe, and the rest of the world. If you run into a problem during check-out let me know via e-mail, and we’ll figure something out. 

Q: You didn’t answer my question 🙁

A: Well, luckily I have a contact form so ask away 🙂



About SPOUK shop

all print, no ghosts: what is SPOUK?

1. SPOUK is a one-person-design-and-screenprinting practice. My name is Marieke Pras, I work in Groningen, and I print, cut, pack, and send you the thank you note with everything you see here. 

2. SPOUK means to wander around late at night or in the early morning (like a ghost). It’s derived from spouken;  an old (Grunniger) dialect word. I like linguistic puns.  

3. A ghost image (spookbeeld) is a haze stain on the screen from the previous stencil (because of chemical processes). Most of the time it doesn’t show on the actual print, hence ‘ghost’.

I work for clients and on my own. This webshop is an extension of my practice where I sell limited edition handpulled screenprints. I work in a small studio in Groningen, with runs ranging between 5 and 50. You can see my other work here, and check instagram for regular updates about future products. You can also buy my work at People of Print’s Department Store here


 SPOUK & the Pay What You Can pricing model

SPOUK shop operates on a no questions asked ‘pay what you can’ model. With this model I am aiming for more financial accessibility. You can select any of the three price tiers: Spoukje, Spouk, or Spouk+. I did this for a couple of reasons:

Financial accessibility
The kind of products I make are almost unavoidable expensive because of the way I work: I’m one person trying to make a living by doing all the things, printmaking takes longer/is labor intensive in a different way than digital print/material costs are generally higher unless you do big runs and I don’t do that most of the time. That means that to break even my bigger products end up in a price range that I myself wouldn’t be able to afford. However, I’m also not happy just making expensive things for potential buyers with a lot of financial resources. I want to make what I do as accessible as possible… but also be able to keep doing it. So following an ‘equity not equality’ line of thinking I set up different price tiers. Spoukje is the smallest price tier, Spouk the ‘full’ price, and Spouk+ is the full price and a bonus (consider it a tip to the printmaker). You choose what price range you’re comfortable with.

Pricing is hard
Related to the first point, I find pricing really difficult! With every product I try to find a balance between market standards for similar products, my own production (material + labor) costs and the hypothetical wallet of a hypothetical buyer. Sometimes I lean more one way or the other, but I rarely feel fully comfortable with whatever decision I end up making. The price tiers give me a bit more leeway in that regard. 

Pay what you can, no questions asked.
Or pay what you choose. Pay what you want. Pay what you think is worth it to you. You decide what you’ll pay, and remember, you owe me nothing – no explanations, no justifications… nothing. I’ve been on both sides of that conversation too often – I don’t like telling people that I love their product but can’t afford it, and I don’t like people telling me that they’d buy it if they could afford it, or as cheap as product X on Amazon. I’m never going to beat Amazon prices and that’s fine. I’ve got Jeff Bezos beat on working conditions (which is a very very low bar).

If you’d like to buy something and pay in installments, that’s an option as well! E-mail me about that and we’ll figure something out.

I hope that with this pricing model people choose to pay what they can and what they’re comfortable with.  Whatever price tier you choose, you’re supporting me and what I’m doing. So thank you for that.




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